Mont Blanc Ballpoint Pen vs Fountain Pen

Published: 22nd September 2009
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Nothing says class, in the simplest and most discreet way, like a Mont Blanc. These elegant, sophisticated pens have been renowned by pen connoisseurs since their beginning in 1908, and have been used by many well known and famous people, such as John F. Kennedy. Today their are many variances of style available from Mont Blanc, including ballpoint and fountain pens. These instruments are not only valuable tools for those who prefer a more personal touch when communicating, but are equally valuable to collectors.

The classic fountain pen by Mont Blanc allows for a crisp, and concise line while writing. Fountain pens must be treated with finesse when writing, and require very little pressure applied. This type of writing instrument allows for a much less strenuous writing experience due to the amount of pressure required; less pressure when using creates less strain upon the wrist and fingers. This enables the writer to perform for longer periods of time, and lets not forget the very elegant look and feel a classic fountain brings.

The ballpoint Mont Blanc is not so easily dismissed as other ballpoints. Bringing with it all of the elegance and class of the Mont Blanc name, this more up-to-date or "modern" version of the Mont Blanc pen allows for a quicker and easier usage in this fast-paced world. With only the finest inks and parts used, the Mont Blanc ballpoint is perfect for the professional who has little time for the finesse needed with the delicate fountain pen. A smooth and precise line is produced when using this tool, with no "skipping" or blots of ink to interrupt the process.

Whether your preference is ballpoint or fountain, a Mont Blanc pen is not only a symbol of prestige and class, but is also a worthwhile investment for the future. Sought after by collectors these high quality instruments are easily turned over after the initial sale and are a treasure to be held in the eyes of the serious pen connoisseur. With high quality craftsmanship since 1908, Mont Blanc remains a name well known in only the most elegant and classy of circles.

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