Microchip Dog GPS or GPS Dog Collar?

Published: 19th October 2009
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Dogs find themselves homeless for a variety of reasons. Sometimes those reasons are not the fault of themselves or their owners. Occasionally, unexpected, unpreventable events occur in life that results in loving family pets being dislocated from their owners. Owners, however, can take action in preventing the permanent loss of their dogs. They can choose to get a GPS microchip for their dogs or get their dogs a GPS collar. You can microchip your dog at most vet offices for a nominal charge. Make sure, though, that you choose a microchip with a GPS locator it in if you choose to microchip your dog. Opting to go with a microchip can be beneficial because since it is injected into your dog, it can never be lost.

GPS microchips are fairly new inventions, however, and there has not been a great deal of research on whether or not these types of microchips are safe. For this reason, many dog owners have opted to use GPS dog collars because there is no invasive procedure that must be performed in order to use a GPS dog collar. GPS dog collars can assist you in locating your dog as long as your dog is wearing its collar. Make sure that your collar fits properly on your dog to ensure that it will not slip off if you dog were to run away or get lost. GPS dog collars tend to be more popular than GPS microchips because they do not require that the dog experience any pain or discomfort.

Regardless of whether you choose to get a GPS microchip for your dog or a GPS dog collar, be sure that you use at least one of the devices. Having a GPS unit, either in the form of a microchip or a dog collar, can save your dog's life and quickly reunite you with your dog should the unthinkable happen and you find yourself separated from your canine friend.

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