Glam and Poppy Coach Purse

Published: 30th July 2009
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The Glam Coach Purse is a truly beautiful bag. It's one of those bags that will make you do a double take when you see it.

The Glam Coach Purse comes in a few iridescent colors and some prints. The colors are usually more on the vivid side. They make you think of candy and lollipops. But there is nothing juvenile about the line of bags. Coach was able to make these candy-like colors look grown up in a way that is unique only to Coach.

It seems that the traditional and elegant detailing that is Coach's Signature style is what gives colors and patterns like this a calming element. This is just the right touch. Though these colors are especially brilliant, this fact is almost unnoticeable, yet exciting at the same time.

No discussion of the Glam Coach Purse would be complete without mention of the Poppy Pattern Coach Glam Purse. This purse is gorgeous. The bag is white leather with a bright shiny poppy floral print. The print utilizes colors like hot pink, turquoise, red and purple. The bag handles are gold colored leather. The colors are definitely jewel-toned.

With this bag Coach was able to combine all of these color elements without making the bag look like a reject item from the 70's or 80's in any way.

The Coach Groovy Purses are also known as the Poppy Purse and there is a beautiful collection of colorful lightweight handbags to choose from. These gorgeous handbags come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The Spotlight Poppy Purse is metallic leather or leather with grosgrain and patent with metallic leather trim. Each of these luxury purses has its own inside zip pocket to place a cell phone, PDA, makeup, and more. A ring is also attached to the purse to clip on an accessory or key fob. It has a smooth durable fabric lining and a zip-top closure. It has two outside pockets that easily zips and a small outside front open pocket.

The Opt Art Glam Coach Purse is a signature printed fabric with grosgrain and leather, patent leather or metallic leather trim. There is an inside zip pocket, and multifunction pockets. It also has a ring to clip an accessory or key fob. The inside lining is made from a durable smooth fabric. It has a zip top closure with two outside front zip pockets.

The Patent Groovy Coach Purse is a patent leather purse with grosgrain and patent leather trim. It has an inside zip pocket, a ring to clip an accessory or key fob, zip-top closure and detachable shoulder strap. There are many other groovy coach bags to choose from like, the Pop C Overnight Satchel, Signature Groovy, Poppy Zip Clutch, Poppy Signature Swing Back, Graffiti Groovy, The Spotlight Handbag, and the Poppy Signature Sateen overnight bag.

As you can see, there are severald different styles of Coach Purses. If your in the market for a Discount Coach Purse come stop buy!

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